• Create a POSITIVE and HEALTHY relationship with food.
  • Enjoy Ladies' nights without feeling guilty afterwards.
  • Build your confidence, while sharpening your curves!
 Watch This Until The End

Can you relate go the girl in the hoodie? 
If you answered YES, you are in the RIGHT place!

We all know that nutrition can be overwhelming, information overload and something that we just DO NOT look forward to thinking about. (TRUST ME, I have been there!)

There are so many options, quick fixes and fad diets out there to help you get to your "ideal body." This makes the journey frustrating and tough to know where to begin. 

No need to look any further!

During this FREE course you will learn:

  • How to EAT better and FEEL better without spending hours in the gym.
  • Get rid of the food scale and NO more counting calories
  •  Ditch the diet for GOOD and master your cravings!

You can. 
You should. 
& if you start.

FREE WEBINAR Teaches you:
WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat it and WHY!

yo-yo dieting, 
feeling overwhelmed, counting calories and low energy!
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+ Plus, You'll learn how to create your OWN daily detoxes right from your home!

Real People. Real Results!

Nutrition does not have to feel like a third job. Make the choice to move CLOSER to optimal wellness daily. 
I look forward to seeing YOU in class :) 

What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
Secret #1: How to INCREASE your energy.
Working with your body will help you to naturally increase your energy. Learn the tools today!
Secret #2: Save money $$ & create your OWN daily detox.
Always remember, the front is for entertainment and the BACK is educational. During this webinar you will learn how to eat and save money by creating your own detox right from your home! 
YES, you read that correctly!
Secret #3: Throw away your meal plan for GOOD! 
It's time to break up with the meal plan and learn to trust your gut, literally! You are the EXPERT of your body!
Nadia Kashouh
Holistic Health Coach
Meet your Coach:
Nadia "Nadash" Kashouh 
Hey hey! I’m Nadia Kashouh (pronounced "Cashew"), wellness coach and founder of The Kash Method where you are different kind of strong.  I teach and empower women how to break up with the scale, negative thinking and emotional eating. Through my methods, you will walk in your confidence from within, sharpen your curves and create a health legacy to be passed on for generations. 

Before coaching: 
I remember like it was yesterday, I was on a FAST-TRACK to nowhere. I was sitting in a comfy chair, scrolling like a zombie on social media and constantly complaining about how I felt and looked but did NOTHING about it. I would see all these "perfect bodies" doing things I WISHED I could do, but could not muster up the energy or confidence to get myself in gear. Finally, I DECIDED and said, "I am going to START where I AM AT. It is me versus me.  

What did I do?
Exactly what you are doing. I got a coach, I received the information and I applied it. I remained committed to the process. I embraced the struggles and the lessons to grow. IF it is  not challenging you, it wont change you. People began to notice by 3AM nights turning into 3AM mornings. The shift in my energy, my mindset and body. & this is how my coaching started. . . 
God turned my problem into a platform to continue to PAY the gift of TRUE wellness forward. Through my faith I found fitness and through fitness, I found faith within myself.

Fast forward. ..
I am a certified personal trainer, holistic wellness coach and a lover of herbs! I have coached all over the world and have helped my clients loose over 1,000 pounds collectively and counting. Why not you? Why not today?
Fitness is NOT one-size fits ALL. NO BODY is the same. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Some Fun Facts: 
Favorite colors: all things pink (yes, I am that girl!)
Biggest Fear: Failure (work in progress)
My soft spots: cookies & my niece <3
If I wasn’t a wellness coach I would be: a nurse (following my Mama)
I’m obsessed with: Jesus & growing
I love to: Cook
Facebook or Instagram: The Gram

Where can you find me?
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